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TVG Promo Code 2019

Get $20 FREE + 100% match deposit up to $100

If you love horse racing betting, claim the TVG promo code to snag $20 free! Plus, receive a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit up to $100. In other words, deposit $100, get $100 free! TVG is definitely a platform that will make every horse betting lover’s dream come true. With incredible options and a comprehensive overview of horse races, you’ll never miss out on great betting.

What can I get with the TVG promo code?

TVG Promo Code Reveal Code Below
Promo Welcome Bonus up to $20 free cash
First Deposit Bonus 100% up to $100
Best Odds Bonus 20 to 1 odds on horse racings in the Breeder’s Cup
Breeders’ Cup offer 100% bonus up to $100
(plus money back 2nd/3rd on all Breeders Cup races)
Last Verified Aug 22, 2019

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the button below this list in order to be redirected to the website with TVG promo code
  2. Complete the sign-up by entering the required information
  3. Verify your account
  4. Deposit the amount required for the welcome bonus
  5. Accept the welcome bonus

TVG Promo Code Details

In order to be able to claim the bonus, you must be eligible for it. Below, find the key terms and conditions for the welcome offer.

  • The initial deposit needs to be conducted in the first 15 days after the signup
  • You need to be at least 18 years old (or 21 for certain states)
  • The TVG promo code is used per household, which means that two people with the same IP cannot both get the bonus
  • The bonus funds will be allocated to your account as soon as the first deposit is processed
  • TVG reserves the right to deny or cancel the promotion anytime, without the prior notice

tvg promo code

Other Promotions at TVG

There are numerous other promotions on this website. However, they constantly change and only a few are actually permanent. Here are some of the most prominent ones that have been going on for quite a while.

Play TVG’s Super 5

You can potentially earn $5,000 if you play TVG super 5. You need to make one selection for the five contest races and select their winners and if you hit all 5 you will enter the prize pool. If you manage to hit 4 out of 5, you enter the $1,000 consolation prize pool. It’s played on Wednesdays. This is a great opportunity to have more fun and potentially earn a lot.

Play TVG’s Super 8

The same rules apply here, except for the fact that you need to guess 8 winners to take part in the prize pool. However, the main prize here is $100,000 and there is even a consolation prize pool for those who manage to hit 5 or more. This is played on Saturdays.

TVG Betting Markets

Naturally, the website is all about horse racing. There are no additional sports or other races such as greyhounds. It is targeted for horse race lovers and they can indeed find a lot of races there.

In fact, 121 different tracks are covered on the list! Included countries in the betting market are the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, China, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and New Zealand.

In other words, if you happen to be a lover of these noble animals and you follow horse races a lot, this is the perfect website for you. Not only to bet but also to follow races and stay informed about the latest news in this sport.

You can even get interesting items in the handicapping store and get additional tips and replays. Most of the stuff here is not for free but it is definitely worth buying.

TVG Live Betting & Streaming

tvg promo code USA

TVG offers great live streaming of all big events. They give you up to 10 hours of the free live stream once you register. However, you will have to pay $3 for an additional 10 hours if you spend the first batch.

The sole fact that there is actually live streaming of the races is great, but the fact that you have to pay for more hours is a minor downside. However, they manage to overcome this problem by offering an alternative. Wager at least $25 in the first 10 hours and get the next 10 hours for free. This is actually a great way to have you bet while you watch and keep the excitement going.

The live stream is great and also works well with slow wi-fi connections, as well as mobile data. When you watch live races, you’ll notice that the feed is a few seconds behind. However, this is a far cry from being a problem and it is something you’ll often see in other casinos and betting sites when they have live stream feature enabled.

The TVG App

TVG offers an overall great app which has almost all of the options available – including race live streaming. The app allows the user to bet, deposit, browse the races, etc. The free feature called Past Performances is, unfortunately, not available in the app.

Another downside to the app is that it’s currently available only for iOS. However, you can use your Chrome browser on Android and access the fully optimized TVG website.

An interesting feature of the Apple app is that it has race alerts as push notifications. These notify you about the upcoming races. This way you can comfortably enter the app and watch your favorite races. Sadly, this feature does not exist for the browser-based mobile platform. Likewise, Android users may have to wait a bit before the app becomes available for them as well.

Payment options

TVG supports numerous deposit and withdrawal services and here is a list of the most popular ones:

    • Debit and Credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) – this deposit method charges no fees but there is a limit to deposit which go as high as $25,000/day or $100,000/month.
    • Prepaid Card – prepaid card also do not charges additional fees for deposits and withdrawal
    • PayPal – the minimum deposit for PayPal is $10 and this service charges $5 for each transaction
    • BetCash – no charges
    • PayNearMethis method charges $3.99 for each transaction

Apart from supporting great many methods, TVG is safe and secure and there have been no reports of security breaches on the website. They use the latest security measures and make sure that all of the transactions are safely processed.

Customer service

There is currently no option to contact the support via live chat on the website and this is a minor disadvantage. Many bookmaker websites, especially if the focus is on one sport, often lack live chat which is considered the most convenient way to solve a problem instantly. On the other hand, the customer service can be contacted via their official Twitter account and that serves as a close-enough replacement for the live chat. Nevertheless, questions that you ask in a live chat should be responded in a couple of seconds, and they do not have this kind of speed.

This is particularly inconvenient when it comes to the races that are about to begin and you need immediate assistance. In this case, it is futile to contact the support as they will not respond as promptly.

You can contact them via:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-999-752-9884
  • Mail: 19545 N.W. Von Neumann Drive, Suite 210, Beaverton, OR 97006
  • Twitter: @TVG

The average response time is between a couple of minutes and a couple of seconds, which is not bad. The service is available only in English.

On a more positive note, there is a great set of videos on the tutorials page which serves as a type of walk-through for the new users. This is not often seen with these kinds of platforms and it is a huge advantage, especially for the people who have no experience in this area.


The Good

The overall impression of TVG is more than positive. It all starts with the comprehensiveness of their offer of horse race tracks – there are more than 120 of them and they are not only from the US but from various other states as well.

If you are new to betting or betting on horse races, to be precise, you might experience a slight confusion as there are too many terms on the page that may not be familiar to you. Also, you might have trouble getting around for the first couple of minutes. But once you do, you will enjoy every minute on it.

One of the best features on the website is definitely the live stream option. However, it also comes with a downside – only 10 hours of it are free and you need to pay additional cash to buy another 10 hours (or to meet certain betting limits).

The welcome offer is also a huge plus since it is 100% on your deposit. The only thing that may not be so great about it is the fact that it only goes up to $100. Additionally, the TVG promo code gets you $20 free, which brings the bonus up to $120.

The Not So Good

There are also a few minor disadvantages to the platform. First of all, they need to introduce live chat as it is seen as the most convenient way for the customers to contact the support. Also, although the app is overall great and the users are very satisfied, it is still not available for Android devices and Android device users to access the platform via the mobile browser.

The Breakdown

What we like What we don’t like
Great welcome offer The app is still not available for Android
A huge number of horse race tracks and great odds The customer support does not include the live chat option
Great live stream options that work well on all devices


Is there a TVG promo code currently available?

Yes, there is a TVG promo code currently available and you can claim it via this article. If you have read the review of the site and of the welcome offer, feel free to claim it right now and get the $100 welcome bonus. Plus, you get a $20 free bet on top of the deposit bonus. You can do this by clicking a link in this article that will take you further.

Who can claim this promo code offer?

Anyone who meets the terms and conditions of the TVG promo code can claim it. Mainly, you need to be legally allowed to register on this website and to be at least 18 years old. Furthermore, you need to respect all of the requirements such as to deposit the money in the first 15 days upon your registration in order to make the promo code valid.

Is there a TGV promo code for the mobile app?

Currently, there is no offer that is only for mobile apps. However, if you sign in via the app on your iOS device, you will still be able to claim the welcome offer. Moreover, you can claim the offer even when you use your mobile browser to access the website which is splendidly optimized for mobile devices.

Can I claim this TGV promo code in addition to other existing offers?

There are numerous bonuses and offers on the website and most of them are temporary. However, this website as many others, have strict terms and conditions regarding each bonus and offer. We are strongly advising that you read each of these before you proceed to participate. This is especially important for combining bonuses. 

Can I place a bet with TVG from the UK?

No, TVG and the skins 4NJBets and PAbets for New Jersey and Pennsylvania are only available for bettors who place bets within the states in which TVG is operating. Therefore, wagering with TVG from outside of the US is not possible. Although if you are interested in European horse betting such as Cheltenham betting or Ascot betting and are currently in the UK, there are still a lot of horse racing operators to choose from. You should keep an eye on ongoing promotions at sign up as you could benefit from a bonus.  UK horse betting operators such as Genting work the same way as TVG, you could get a bonus using a Genting promo code and claim a your bonus at signup.