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Aug 7, 2019

TVG is America’s favorite horse racing betting site. Naturally, they cover a ton of horse race tracks all around the world. Plus, TVG Live Streaming allows you to watch horse racing live from the comfort of your home or on the go. Read our review below for all the details about streaming horse racing with TVG.

TVG Live Streaming

TVG Live Streaming Explained

The streaming service at TVG is pretty straightforward. As soon as you register and verify your account, you can watch races live as they take place.

For the casual horse racing fan, TVG provides 10 hours of free streaming per month. However, passionate horse race lovers may find 10 hours a month is not enough. Thankfully, you can buy an additional 10 hours for just $3.

Likewise, for every $25 you bet in that initial ten hours, you get another hour for free.


In regards to TVG live streaming, the site offers two channels to watch races after placing bets. Since races are relatively short events, these two streams cover what you need.

Regarding “live betting”, this generally does not exist for horse racing. Simply put, due to the nature of the sport, live betting doesn’t work. As a result, there are no such options available. However, we’re pretty sure that if TVG adds other sports, live betting will be added as well.

In any case, the live stream quality is great and both channels are in HD.

However, if you have a bad WiFi connection, you can still stream races. TVG thankfully allows users to adjust the video quality for weak connections.

When it comes to the timing of the TVG streaming, it is not bad either. The streaming is almost instant and viewers won’t see the race result before the live video ends.

tvg live streaming

TVG Live Streaming Schedule

As soon as you enter the website, a menu on the left displays all upcoming races. To see them in more detail, click on “Horse Racing” in the top menu and select “Full Race Schedule”.

This will give you the list of all races. Those which are streamed live will be marked with a TVG or TVG2. Also, there is a “Next Races” tab next to the “Live Video” tab. Clicking will instantly transfer you to the live video option.

When the race you want to watch is up for TVG live streaming, it will pop up automatically on either TVG or TVG2.

TVG horse racing streaming

What sports are included in the streaming service?

Currently, the only sport available on this platform is horse racing. This is mainly due to the fact that the whole website specializes only in this sport and you cannot find any other type of sport on it.

Usually, platforms that cover horse races cover also greyhounds – but not TVG. TVG has specialized in streaming only horse races and they do it well.

In other words, if you are in for the races of different kinds, and you are not particularly keen on horse races – this may not be a platform for you after all and you should definitely check out on other platforms that support other sports and races.

Even though they are covering just one sport, they still manage to cover many races happening all over the world.

To be honest, they focus a bit more on the US races, and they should definitely consider paying more attention to the rest of the world.

Live streaming on your mobile

The mobile app that TVG offers for the users is great but it is only available for the people who have iOS devices.

Android products still do not have an app from this platform. However, users who have Android can access the app via their browsers.

Although the app is a bit more convenient when it comes to navigation, the live stream services are available on both the app and the mobile version of the site.

All you have to do is go to the live video section and select whether you want to watch the TVG or TVG2 channel.

What you can find a bit confusing and what actually is the biggest problem for the mobile website is constantly checking out new races. This means that you would have to constantly turn off live stream in order to access the schedule.

All in all, mobile streaming is great and even if you are using your mobile data, the TVG streaming will adapt to it. Only if you are using an extremely slow packet or WiFi connection will you experience difficulties with streaming, which will thereby result in occasional lags and latency.

TVG live streaming

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